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Our Fights

100% of all funds received will be provided to our fights throughout the Pacific Northwest during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
BLACK LIVES MATTER - funds will be allocated towards African American and Black small business owners that are impacted by COVID-19.
SAVE RESTAURANTS - every week a local restaurant located in will be identified and food will be ordered to support our Meals for Heroes. 
MEALS FOR HEROES - each week a hospital will be identified for meals for our doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and other healthcare workers dedicating their lives during COVID-19. 
END RACISM - supporting the Asian and Asian American communities that are going through racism and experiencing hate crimes. 
SAVE SMALL BUSINESSES - funds will be put towards business consulting and digital transformation, providing small businesses with resources not just survive but thrive during COVID-19. 
Please submit recommendations of Restaurants, Small Businesses, and Other Organizations by email - or at any of our social media channels. The more funds raised, the more routinely this can occur to benefit our local communities.

Each week we will be voting on the local restaurants, hospitals, and small businesses based on community engagement and submissions. For future details join us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 


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